Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welcome to 2007

My kids and husband all got MP3 players/IPODs for Christmas. They were the perfect gifts for all of them, but on the long drive home from Michigan, I realized something. I felt a little bit jealous of all of them.

There they sat, listening to whatever they wanted, since all their favorite tunes were loaded into these tiny bits of electronics. So tiny and cool. And I felt left out.

No more! Mother's Day + my birthday occurring on the same day = great loot! We found time during the busy, busy day that was Sunday for me to open gifts. In the church parking lot, in the shade of the minivan's hatchback. Seriously.

And I got a really cool MP3 player which, most importantly, is pink.

I didn't consider that my sweet, sweet husband would make me learn how to use it myself.

See, I used to be very computer-savvy. And good with electronics. I set up the VCR, the TV, the satellite box, all that stuff. And I did it well. I was a very competent computer user and had no trouble setting up peripheral equipment and installing software.

But I didn't quite keep up. Which is why I use Blogger instead of designing my own site. And it's why I haven't even touched our new DVD player and still don't know what channel on the satellite is the weather channel. I got a bit of technology overload and stopped caring how it worked. Fortunately, Craig proved himself completely capable of doing all those things (and knowing exactly which channel is the weather channel, bless him!).

And when I asked for an MP3 player, I honestly expected that he would load it up with music for me. Because he's good at that stuff. Plus, he knows what I like better than I do.

Imagine my surprise at the gleam in his eye when he told me that I was going to have to sort all that out.

So I installed the software on the laptop on Sunday night and charged up my new pink thingie. And last night I started ripping CDs onto it. I've got 262 songs now, but I haven't created any playlists or anything like that, because there are more CDs to go. His music is mostly stored on the computer upstairs. I asked him last night if he would please occasionally put "cool" songs on my MP3 player since he knows better than I do.

But he was helping me pick out CDs last night, and I noticed that he editorialized a little bit. Because he put Barry Manilow in the stack, hidden between the Cure and Nine Inch Nails. I think he's trying to tell me something about what a dork I am.


kalisah said...

he added Barry Manilow to your music? I'd say HE'S the dork.

You're gonna love your player.

Kaleigh said...

No, he was pulling out CDs that he knows I like. ::looks down:: It's my CD. I admit it. I like Barry. And he's now on my player. Which has 452 songs on it. Love it? Oh yes.

alan said...

lolz. i'm guessing you all have read/watched high fidelity a few too many times. I probably shouldn't tell you how many songs are on my ipod...