Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, the promotion.

Without divulging too many details, I'll tell you the basic story. Our department has had a manager position vacant for several months. That manager was my boss, whom I still miss a lot.

I had not even considered posting for that position, for several reasons. I love my current job - really - and I didn't really want to change. Also, having only been in my job for 9 months, I didn't think I was fully qualified for the position. Add a few other reasons, and you've pretty much got my mindset.

But our department's director, as well as her bosses, one of my most trusted colleagues (I call her my work BFF), and another manager in our department had different ideas, apparently. Ideas they discussed yesterday, while I was off, chilling on the couch. I'm watching episodes of "What Not To Wear," and they're having what shall heretofore be called "the Kaleigh meeting."

And this morning, when I was incredibly busy (doing my current, about to be former, job), the director wanted me to come into a meeting STAT. And I couldn't. For an hour. Because I was so busy (and even if I'd know what was coming, I still would have put her off...there were only two of us there, and thirsty people wanted coffee!). Maybe I should have figured out that her constant coming back to my area to see if I was ready yet, all with a big grin on her face, meant something important.

I finally was able to walk away, and she chased me down, cornered me, and offered me the position.

In a moment of great poise, calm, and professionalism, I squealed like a nine-year-old girl. And maybe I jumped up and down in my chair a little.

Details are still being worked out on the HR side, but I'm already assuming some new duties, most of which include sitting in lots of meetings.

The best part? After nine months of working in a position with a corporate-decreed dress code, I'm totally going to have to go clothes shopping!


More later, but I just got a big promotion at work! And I wasn't expecting it! At all! Totally took me by surprise, in fact! Holy cow! Exclamation point!

Sunday, September 07, 2008