Friday, March 23, 2007

Music Meme

I'm feeling meme-tastic today!

Actually, I meant to do this the other day but see, here's the deal. I have issues. I worry about what the other kids will think about my choices. Will they think I'm cool? Or will they see the inner spaz that I try so hard to hide?

So I made my husband make my list. Because he's so much cooler than I am. Yet he married me. So maybe it's contagious after all?

Here are the songs my husband says I like. Or I should. Or I will.

1. Vitalic "My Friend Dario" . This tune is just really cool.

2. The Blow "Pardon Me" You heard this one and liked it.

3. Spank Rock "Bump" You could pick almost any of these, but I like this one, or "Touch Me"

4. Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla) - he was from Detroit and his story is interesting; read about him here and pick a song from here "workonit")
You'll look pretty cool with both Dilla and Spank Rock on your list.

5. The Horrors "Sheena was a Parasite" Very cool song and better video. They might be scared of you from this one.

6. The Rapture "Whoo! Alright - Yeah . . . Uh huh" Can't find a sound bite of this, but I own it at home. Might be comparable a bit to TV on the Radio, but I like these guys better.

7. Peaches "Two Guys (for Every Girl)" It would be funny if you included her; especially this song.

And the runners-up....

Camera Obscusa - "Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken" Doubly cool because they are referencing both Lloyd Cole and a song of his.

Something from the album "Congotronics 2" - I'd pick track 2. Talk about obscure and edgy. Read about the music.
here and here
Kind of a punk african tribal music.

I have rethought the Joanna Newsom. You could include her, but seriously I can't make it past 3 minutes of any of her songs (and since most of them are over 9 minutes long, thats not too good).

See? He's so cool. And taken. And somehow he's still madly in love with me, despite the fact that all I ever listen to is the rehearsal cd's for whatever concert I'm in next, which means this:

This guy is so much cooler than his dorky wife.


Kelly said...

nice! I put J Dilla on my music meme, too.

"Craig" (the husband) said...

If I knew she was just going to post my list and comments, they would have been different; I have my own favorites. But seriously, she needs help. My wife finds her "hip" music from NPR. That's why I had to suffer through the Polyphonic Spree, fer crist's sake. If she had made her list on her own, it would probably include Barry Manilow ("Mandy", perhaps) and "Making Love out of Nothing at All" by Air Supply. Sad, maybe, but ultimately cool in an "I'm so out of touch I'm hip" sort of way.