Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pimpin' someone else's blog

CHBM's weekly writing prompt was a surprise this week. Instead of a usual "answer this question" prompt, they sent us on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Like the meme where you hit "random" on your Ipod and then put the song titles into some order, like the soundtrack of the movie of your life. Only not that. Not at all. So just ignore that.

So why am I thinking in musical memes? Probably because I'm about to answer one, thanks to Joy's blog.

Joy is no stranger to me. In fact I "see" her on the intarweb almost every week when Tracy and some other wild women participate in an open thread during American Idol. When AI was on three days a week? Let's just say the laptop almost got hurled out the window because our internet connection in the living room sucked. Plus, I was running out of money trying to keep up with the wine drinking.

Wait. This isn't supposed to be about me and the drinking problem I don't have.

Back to Joy's blog. Because it's a good one. Besides having a deep, disturbing love for reality television and pop culture, Joy also has a brain. A smart one. That she's using right now to make sense of this mommy-blogging world we visit so often. She (and a few other women) are actually studying this phenomenon, and thinking about the implications and exclusions and "oh it's all so high school" accusations. And they're seeing what a lot of us are seeing: it's NOT like high school. There are some pretty amazing people out here on teh intarwebs, and sharing our stories is creating a real community.

So check her out. And see what she's doing. Join in. Tell her I sent you.


gingajoy said...

Kaleigh! After sweetney's abusive slurs this morning, this comes as such a sweet restorative! You're lovely! And this here blog is rather nice too. (Too bad cool isn't contagious"--hehehe!)

See you at the open thread debauchery next week, my friend;-)

Becky said...

Hi. I just wanted to stop by to see what gem you found via the carnival! This was a fun one, huh? :) Happy Spring!

uuMomma said...

Hi Kaleigh,

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. And thanks for introducing me to all those hip mamas through this post. I'll be blogging on Sanjaya and the little crying girl later today--should have heard the commotion in this house with little girls who love the boy watching that girl cry! Oh my!