Friday, March 30, 2007


Another meme! It's deceptively easy: name your five favorite blogs (ostensibly those written by people other than yourself) and say why.

But have you seen my blogroll? Because if there were only five listed, that would be swell. But it's not swell. Not at all.

I suppose I have to list Dad Gone Mad. Because his was the first blog I ever read. (So, in a way, I lost my virginity to Danny. Whoa. That's heavy.) Danny is funny funny funny funny in an adolescent boy kind of way (my favorite!) but posts like this also show that he was born to be a dad. It's nice to hear his side of the story, but I'll admit that the comments by (his) "Hot Wife" are pretty darn entertaining as well. When "Wondersis" joins in the comment party? All bets are off.

Having once lived in Michigan, it's natural for me to also read Suburban Bliss and Sweet Juniper. Melissa, from Suburban Bliss, went to a high school just a mile from mine, and we probably know some of the same people. She writes honestly about parenting, the good and the bad. Her daughter won't eat anything. Her son is hilarious. Her husband, she says, is a robot. She's about to put her suburban house on the market, so everyone say a prayer. Because I remember selling a three bedroom, one bathroom house. I needed prayer, and she does too.

Sweet Juniper is co-authored by parents of Juniper, a very cute two-year-old girl who is all about the potty right now. Authors Dutch (attorney turned stay-at-home-dad) and Wood (working mama) write very, very well about choosing to raise a family in Detroit (instead of the suburbs). Being an inner-city dweller (by choice) myself, I find myself nodding my head while reading posts like this.

Two more? See, this is where it gets difficult. Do I tap my favorite author? My husband's college roommate? The most famous blogger in the world? My friend with a new blog? Or what about the other mommybloggers I like?

Okay, I know what I'll do. My newest addition to the blogroll. UU Momma. Turns out she and I know someone in common, and we seem to share a pretty similar worldview. Plus, she used to write about TELEVISION for MONEY!!!! So not only is she a member of my denomination, she's also lived the perfect life. With three daughters!

One more. Okay, deep breath. I'll pick Dining with Monkeys for its sheer usefulness to the Memphis parenting community. Restaurant reviews from a "mom with small kids" viewpoint. Though my kids are big enough that eating at restaurants does not require dosing with valium before we leave the house (me, silly - I wouldn't waste good valium on my children!), I still consult her column before we try somewhere new. Because I get really tired of paying $4.50 for my kids to eat a crappy grilled cheese sandwich with fries. Again.

Tags? If I named you, you're tagged. If you want to play along, consider yourself tagged, too.

And thanks, Working Mom, for the kind words!


Pam said...

NICE! I will have to check some of those out.

I think you might have cheated a little too ;-).

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Don't feel bad. I couldn't have just picked five either.

uuMomma said...

Oh, my... now I have to out myself as a total lurker and newbie. I have to say, though, I haven't been cruising the blogs enough to have a wide range just yet. I'll try, but wont' be able to do this til much later tonight. Is it fair to tag she who has tagged you?

By the way, I'm extremely flattered to be listed in this group. Thanks!

Dad Gone Mad said...

Let the record show, with extreme malice, that I did not take this woman's virginity. She did take mine though.