Saturday, March 24, 2007


Last week, while the kids were out of school and I was staying home, pretending to be a SAHM, we mostly did nothing noteworthy. Intent that we not entirely "waste" the week, I came up with a few projects for us to do. Needless to say, almost none of my planned projects were even begun.

But we did plant seeds. We started sunflowers, zinnias, lavender, morning glories, and sweet peas inside. While lavender makes us exercise our patience by taking at least two weeks to germinate, the zinnias and sunflowers and morning glories and sweet peas have already done this:

And I'm delighted. Just like I always am when I see a plant just beginning, or in first bloom.

I took a lot of pictures with my digital camera a couple of weekends ago, but they came out fuzzy because I needed new batteries. Due to extreme laziness, I didn't do anything about that all week, and well into this week, too. So, two weeks later, and now officially, spring in my yard.

You may notice white feathers in some of the pictures. I have not been able to wrap my head around what Craig and I witnessed about a month ago, late one Friday night. We presume we were witnessing some type of college art project, as there was flash photography going on (we saw flash and tripod and deduced there was a camera on the tripod). But when perpetrator/artist/whatever #2 sliced open a feather pillow and scattered feathers all around the park across the street, we were baffled. Add to that a windy night and you get a yard covered in feathers. I attempt to pick up at least fifty per day, but even a hundred a day doesn't make much of a dent. So we have feathers in the yard, as do our neighbors. It's weird.

But spring is pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Nice camillias! Love those "winter" flowers in the south. We have purple crocus (crocuses or crocii) showing off in our Michigan landscape, finally!