Friday, March 23, 2007

Sleepless in Memphis

I haven't slept well all week. And for those who know me well, that's strange. I'm a good sleeper, in general, drifting off within a few minutes of closing my eyes, and generally staying asleep until my alarm clock rings.

But Sunday night I tossed and turned, couldn't get comfortable, and couldn't stay asleep for more than half an hour at a time. By the time the alarm sounded, I was worn out and not a bit rested. So at bedtime Monday, I was delighted. I went to bed early, with the intent of making up for the prior night's lack of sleep.

Tossed, turned, couldn't get comfortable, woke up all night.

Same story Tuesday. Same story Wednesday.

By Wednesday, Craig was concerned. He was theorizing: maybe my thyroid levels were funny. Maybe it was a weird jet lag from my weekend trip to Phoenix. Maybe I was sick.

Yesterday we decided that if I didn't sleep Thursday and Friday nights, I'd go to the doctor Saturday (yes, my wonderful doctor's office has Saturday hours....did I mention that I can *walk* to their office from my house?).

Last night I gave myself a slight advantage: I drank two glasses of wine while we watched basketball (woot! Did you see the Memphis win? Because it was amazing! With nail-biting and everything!). I went to bed during the Tennessee game (because I really didn't care about the outcome, although I'm afraid Memphis might get their a$$es handed to them now that they're playing Ohio State next....) and........

I slept. Through the night. I didn't wake up when Craig came to bed. I didn't wake up every half hour. I woke up five minutes before the alarm. I feel much better.

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