Friday, March 23, 2007

Real Moms

Okay, so here's the thing. So many people are doing this meme and tagging "everybody" to do it too, that I'm just joining in. And I'm tagging UUMomma and Working Mom. But if you want to play along, feel free. You're tagged too. So there.

Here are the rules.

And once you play, send your link here because now someone's compiling all these truths. Sweet.


Real moms cultivate hobbies that have nothing at all to do with their children. And have a great time and totally feel no guilt about it because it's good for kids to see their parents as human beings. Plus, it gives the real mom a chance to look totally HOT in a black evening dress at least eight times a year.

Real moms....Making their husbands stay home to take care of the kids in order to go do things they enjoy and don't even get paid to do.

Ta-da! I know there are at least 14 fabulous real moms in that picture.


Pam said...

I LOVE yours!!

I will try to think of something fairly original......

uuMomma said...

Okay, mine is very tired, but done!