Saturday, March 31, 2007

Don't touch the wood

Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean the banister. Because I stained it today.

Yeah, we've lived in our house almost two years, but there are a few projects that never got finished (and by finished I mean "started"). After the trim carpenters did their magic, I decided that I wanted to keep the banister and associated woodwork natural instead of painted. Since that wasn't in the painter's bid, I said I'd just do it myself after we moved in. And now I've made good on that.

What's funny is that I wouldn't have even thought of doing that if I hadn't massively f***ed up when attempting to hang some wall shelves this morning. In a fit of genius I figured I didn't need a stud finder; I'd just drill the pilot holes and put in the anchors and it would all be great. Do I even have to admit how many extra holes I drilled because I ran into something metal? Let's just say that it was more than two.

Which warranted a trip to the big box retailer that sells spackle and stud finders and paintbrushes and hey, I could get some stain and take care of the stairs but that means I also need sandpaper and tack cloth and another paintbrush and I really want a different garbage can for the kitchen and the weed eater is missing a bolt and yeah. That was a bit more expensive than I had originally planned, but hey! The shelves are up, the holes are patched, and the banister is stained. So don't touch it, because it's not dry.


Jen said...

Just stopping by (and trying to avoid touching the banister).

Can I borrow some of your motivation? I too have been living in my home for 2 years this month. We're still enjoying the lovely 1983 peach painted walls!

Anonymous said...

The wood looks FABulous! Good stain job, love.

WHat's the black and white stripe going up the stAIRS?


Kaleigh said...

Oh, it's unclear on the picture. The handrail is attached to a 6" wide piece of wood which is painted off-white. So the handrail, too, was stained, but in the picture it looks black instead of "red oak".

And the wood is still not quite dry. A reason to hate humidity. A lot.