Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pop? UU Bet!

My blog straddles a few lines: mommy blog, UU blog, pop culture blog. And the UU bloggers are discussing a great topic that is on all sides for me:

So…do you feel too stupid to be a UU?
1. Do you watch Survivor? American Idol?
2. Do you root with Jerry Springer or love the Maury paternity test shows? [I’m a thousand percent sure I do!]
3. Have you read less than 2 of the books/authors you hear regularly mentioned as being essential to UUism or mentioned in a sermon?
4. Would you rather watch prime time than go to an art gallery opening?

My answers?

1. Yes, yes. I even play along at Mamapop on American Idol day. And I have a t-shirt. Also on my tivo are "Bad Girls Club" and "The Amazing Race" and almost any other reality show out there. Including "The Surreal Life Fame Games." Really.

2. No....those shows have too much shouting.

3. Reading? Yeah. In my spare time. (Hint: what's spare time?) The last "deep" book I read was in 1999. I didn't have a job. And I had PPD. I needed that book (Amazing Grace by Kathleen Norris). But other than that? My reading is mostly food magazines, blogs, and books by Anthony Bourdain or Poppy Z. Brite.

4. Is there free wine at the art gallery? Because that would definitely tip the scales. I have Tivo, after all. Prime time can wait.

But am I too stupid to be a UU? Hell no. I'm smart. My mom says so! And I've learned in my 35 (almost 36!) years on this planet that it really doesn't matter how many televisions are in my house, or if they're tuned to PBS (they rarely are), or if I'm reading deep books. It does, however, matter that when I watch Survivor, my husband and kids are in the room with me, and that we all participate in our own "tally the votes" ritual that involves holding up hands and feet for who got votes. That's something that we do. Like we're a tribe. It matters that I get to know my neighbors and am an active and engaged member of my community. It matters that I join in rather than sitting in the back row. Maybe my emails to the church's discussion email list aren't as well-crafted as Paul's, but I can still hold my own in a conversation with Paul. His kids are grown; he has time to read deep books.

Nope. It doesn't matter a bit. And I'm a smart mommy for knowing that.


kinsi said...

What a wonderful post. I predict with a friend the bottom three on Idol every week, and usually guess what the judges are going to say (and yell things at the tv!)

Dare I can be a wonderful ritual, with striking similarities to religious rituals?

Kim said...

My answers:

So sue me. I don't watch PBS either. (i do watch one TV program: guess which one?)
i don't care what you watch. If that's your thing, go for it. I hope you feel the same about me doing what I like.
I know that when bunches of you start talking about your TV shows, that I will be left out of the conversation, and likely no one will notice. It's my choice not to watch TV. I take full responsibility.

CraZStaZ said...

I know what you mean. I am definately a POP UU. I mention an interesting program on television that I have watched and people at church look at me like I just told them I have been shooting up heroin.