Friday, February 09, 2007


It's my 100th post!
So, 100 things you may or may not know about me:

  1. I fell in love with my husband three days after I met him.
  2. I was 17.
  3. He was 19.
  4. We got married a month before I turned 22.
  5. I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease (hyperthyroidism) a month after I turned 18.
  6. I was really sick by the time I went to the doctor.
  7. Treating it with medicine put it into remission.
  8. But then the remission ended.
  9. My second endocrinologist told me that if I wanted to have kids, I needed to hurry up.
  10. I was 24 when she told me that.
  11. My first child was born a month after my 26th birthday.
  12. I went into remission after she was born.
  13. My second child was born a month before my 28th birthday.
  14. His birthday is the same week as my brother’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, and my wedding anniversary.
  15. I’m always broke in April.
  16. My third endocrinologist told me that if I didn’t take the radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid gland, there was a good chance I’d die before my kids grew up.
  17. I got nuked two months later.
  18. I took a lot of prednisone afterward because my right eye didn’t appreciate the radiation.
  19. My eye is fine now.
  20. I studied art history in college.
  21. I was not very practical.
  22. When I read the papers I wrote in college, I am stunned by how smart I was then.
  23. Sometimes I don’t think I’m as smart as I used to be.
  24. Then I look at my kids and realize they’re even smarter.
  25. My kids are the two coolest people in the entire world.
  26. Except my husband.
  27. I like to stay busy.
  28. That’s probably why I have activities two or three evenings a week.
  29. It’s important to me to have those ways to blow off steam.
  30. I really enjoy making big meals.
  31. I also love throwing parties.
  32. I’d rather be at home than anywhere else.
  33. Except I do like Las Vegas.
  34. Funny, because I don’t gamble.
  35. Not even a little bit.
  36. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket.
  37. I have bought a plane ticket.
  38. To Vegas.
  39. I’ve also bought several movie tickets.
  40. And I’ve paid a parking ticket.
  41. But I went to court to fight a traffic ticket.
  42. I won.
  43. I’ve had several jobs.
  44. Most of them were boring.
  45. My current job is sometimes boring.
  46. But I don’t mind because I’m good at what I do.
  47. It has nothing to do with art history.
  48. But I can make a really attractive Excel spreadsheet.
  49. I didn’t learn how to do that in college.
  50. 100 things? What was I thinking?
  51. My favorite household appliance is my Roomba.
  52. I also like my Kitchenaid mixer.
  53. And my Kitchenaid food processor.
  54. My brother gave me the food processor for Christmas.
  55. It was a very generous gift.
  56. My husband gave me a very pretty diamond and pearl necklace.
  57. I gave him an Ipod.
  58. We were both very happy with our gifts this year.
  59. I love to give good gifts.
  60. It’s sometimes hard to shop for my husband.
  61. Probably because his birthday and Christmas are the same week.
  62. But my birthday is sometimes the same day as Mother’s Day.
  63. My kids know that they still have to get me two gifts.
  64. I was born a few days after Mother’s Day.
  65. I sometimes think my mother might have resented that a little bit.
  66. I would have.
  67. Because I can be petty that way sometimes.
  68. My daughter was born a few days before Father’s Day.
  69. That was cool because I got to see my dad on Father’s Day.
  70. I saw him on Father’s Day the next year, too.
  71. That was a coincidence, though.
  72. My favorite color is pink.
  73. I also like brown.
  74. Most of my house is pink and/or brown.
  75. I’m very glad my husband likes pink.
  76. Because if he didn’t, he’d hate our house.
  77. But I probably would have painted it pink anyway.
  78. I have two dogs and a cat.
  79. My dogs are named Biscuit and Gravy.
  80. I think that’s really funny.
  81. I have a pretty juvenile sense of humor.
  82. I can barely remember what life was like before email and cell phones.
  83. My long distance bills were much higher.
  84. I talk to my mom on the phone at least once a week.
  85. Sometimes I call her every day.
  86. But not as much because I don’t drive to work anymore.
  87. I live two blocks from my job.
  88. Which means even if it snows, I’m expected to come to work.
  89. Being “essential staff” sometimes sucks.
  90. I can sing tenor, alto, and soprano.
  91. If I’m hungover, I can sing baritone.
  92. I hardly ever have a hangover.
  93. I love beer but I hardly ever drink it.
  94. Because wine is healthier.
  95. And has a lot less calories.
  96. I lost five pounds when I switched from beer to wine.
  97. I don’t like whiskey at all.
  98. Or bourbon.
  99. But I do sometimes like vodka.
  100. Hooray! I’m done!


Mother said...

Regarding this post:
15 - May I clarify that being broke in April has nothing to do with the birthdays of your brother or your mother!
23 - Oh, I think you are as smart as ever, you just use your brain in different ways at this time in your life. When you're my age, you can consider having lost some of the active cells.
65 - You bet! If you had been born after Father's Day, it would have been fine, but you arrived in that interval between the two parent recognition events and that's what made it "no fun."

brother said...

67. I resented you getting married in the week of mom and my birthdays, cuz you kinda stole our thunder. But I got over it.

I rarely (if ever) remember to say happy anniversary, though.

Kaleigh said...

65. Mom, I'm pretty sure you would have been VERY resentful had I waited to be born until after Father's Day. Just sayin'.

67. Brother, it was the only Saturday in April that the church was available. I wanted two weeks later, but it was already booked (more than six months in advance). Sorry to steal your birthday thunder. But you and Mom did get a cake at the rehearsal dinner....that's something, right?