Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Famous moms I'd like to meet

The writing prompt at crazy hip blog moms is "Famous Moms I'd Like to Meet." And it's a head-scratcher. Because I can't think of any, right off.

"Famous" is a tough one. Because being famous doesn't mean much. It just means that people know who you are. Did you earn that fame? Maybe you're famous for being horrible, like that girl named after a city in France and a hotel.

There are a few famous moms I'd like to give a good shoulder-shaking to, like Britney Spears and sometimes Madonna (never changed her own kids' diapers? what?). I'd like to have maybe an hour-long conversation with them to help them realize that certain things are required of mothers. Like no crotch-shots, especially only a few months postpartum. Is that really something that needs to be explained? Really?

But I'm not likely to ever have those conversations. So if we're going into fantasy-land, I think I'd like to meet some historic moms.

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder's mom. She seemed pretty neat, at least in all those books. When I was in full "Little House" obsession mode, around age six, I tried to call my mom "Ma." She wouldn't answer to it. But "Ma" Ingalls made some great girls, one of whom wrote books that impacted generations of girls. She must have been quite a woman.

And what about Thomas Jefferson's mom? I'm thinking that if her son was so smart, she probably was no slouch herself.

And Abigail Adams. Not for her mothering, but for herself. She was an astonishing woman.

And the suffragists. Some of them were not only concerned with the whole voting thing, but also with children's rights and raising children well and keeping a lovely home.

But I'm not likely to meet any of them, either. So I guess I'll just stick with my not-famous, awesome friends, many of whom are great moms, and that'll be just fine.


furrjenn said...

This is probably the only time in my life that I win over madonna or Britney or Angelina.

I applaud your choice.

Janean said...

Totally great post! Had to come read yours cuz Kelly said we were alike.
I think I'd like to do a little more that "shoulder-shake" all three of those girls - The hotel chick, the Spear and The pop has-been.
But I'm non-violent, you know.
Unless it's morning.
And I haven't had my coffee yet.
Nice to meet you!

Heather said...

Ma Ingalls had to be quite a woman with all that she endured. Great choice.

Here via CHBM.

amaras_mom said...

Even with all the famous moms out there, you're right -- sticking with the great moms that live among us is the best bet! Here via the CHBM!