Friday, February 16, 2007


It's been colder than usual in Memphis this week, with two days not getting above freezing. We saw snow flurries on Wednesday and Thursday. To make things even chillier, the wind was blowing, causing single-digit wind chills.

So, what better time for our heat to stop working?

Right. I thought so too.

It was 51 degrees inside this morning. I told the HVAC guy that on the phone, and he was proud of how well the insulation was working. Glad he could see the bright side. Because the following things were accomplished this morning with all participants wearing gloves:

  • made coffee
  • got dressed
  • brushed teeth
  • applied makeup
  • styled hair
Please pray the guy gets it fixed. Posthaste. Because I need a shower really bad.

1 comment:

yer brudder said...

lol. this cold is for jerks!

I've been on bum-cicle watch every morning for the last couple weeks - i love taking the bus right across the street from the park. I hope things are warmer now, and remember, don't use the stove as a heater!