Monday, February 12, 2007

Let's Get Real (Romantic)

This week's writing prompt is "Nifty Valentine ideas to make with your kids."

When I was in fourth grade, I made all my own valentines out of construction paper, doilies, and glitter. They were gorgeous.

My kids, however, will not be following in my footsteps for a few reasons.
1. Susie's desk? Is covered. With papers, books, goodness knows what.
2. I'm not going to let glitter into my house, Roomba or not.
3. Alex? Is not crafty.

So, if I had a different life with different kids, maybe we'd try our hands at making some neat stuff. With glitter. Instead, we'll focus our Valentine's efforts on (what else?) food. The kids and I work well together in the kitchen, and Wednesday is one of the evenings that Craig works (he's home after they get in bed). And Valentine's Day or not, ya gotta eat, right?

Yesterday, while making the weekly meal plan and grocery list, I put "artichoke hearts" and "hearts of palm" on the shopping list. I also put "red velvet cake mix". I didn't know for sure what I was going to do with them, but it was a starting point. Then I consulted Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven and got inspired.

What I think we're going to make is something like this:

-Mini-pizzas, heart-shaped, with artichoke hearts and hearts of palm and basil (the leaves are kind of heart shaped) and olives (because they sound like "I love" if you say it wrong) and fresh mozzarella. Individual pizzas are fantastic to make with kids because:
1. Working with dough is good for them. It develops eye-hand coordination, works muscles that don't get much work at school or playing video games, and it's relaxing.
2. Kids like to choose their own toppings. Going individual means not having to pick any toppings off your pizza.
3. Heart-shaped? Is cute.
4. Small pizzas cook faster.

I plan to make the dough in advance and freeze it in portions. If you remove a portion from the freezer in the morning, it's ready to roll (literally) when you get home from work.

Individual red velvet cakes (I have a few little bundt pans and we also have the easy-bake oven heart-shaped pan). These, too, can be iced, decorated, topped, however each kid wants. I will probably bake the cakes that morning so they'll have time to cool. Which means the kitchen will smell wonderful on Valentine's Day morning.

My mom gave me many (many) heart-shaped dishes that are oven-safe, so there may be an attempt to make mushroom popovers in those dishes. The kids won't eat the mushroom popovers (mushrooms? accorting to the kids, completely poisonous!), but Craig and I will, so I'll put that in the oven around the time I put the kids in bed.

So, in short, I'll be making yummy, wholesome food with the kids on Valentine's Day while my husband is at work. No glitter. Sounds perfect.

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amaras_mom said...

Glitter may give us the little it of fancy that I love and crave, but I'm with you -- no thanks, I'll pass on it!

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