Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick day

Yesterday began with weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, and not just because it was Valentine's Day. Sweet Susie had been suffering from a headache for the two days prior, and had spiked a bit of a fever on Tuesday night. With some area schools closing because of the flu this month, I figured that a virus was in the house.

I went to her room yesterday morning and felt her head: hot. Took her temperature. 102.5. Not a judgement call; definitely too sick for school. Even if it was Valentine's Day and she had worked hard making valentines for her friends! and! there was going to be a party! at school! with candy!

So we stayed home yesterday (I didn't feel well either, but never got warmer than 99.5) and actually had a pretty nice day. She spent most of her time on the computer, but then she decided she wanted to be in the same room as me and suggested we watch a movie, so we did.

Craig was more gone than home yesterday (his teaching schedule is heaviest on Mondays and Wednesdays), so we mostly were just two females in the house together, in varying amounts of health, with lots of blankets, tea, and miso soup. Snuggly dogs didn't hurt the mood at all.

We were in my bed last night, Susie and I, snuggling and watching some kid television, and she thanked me for staying home with her. Does it say something bad about me that I was just a little sad that she didn't have any fever this morning?

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reddirtroad said...

I don't think it says anything bad about you; I think it says you are awesome. You had a great Valentine's Day home with the kid and days like those are important too (even if the reason was "sick day"). Plus, "Mom got rid of the fever", so that's cool too.

Hope YOU are feeling alright today.