Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking for a WAH job?

If you're looking for work that brings in $200-500 (or a little more) per month and is fun and most of the time not even slightly difficult, shoot me an email. Especially if you live in these areas:

· Northside of the city of Chicago
· Joliet/New Lenox area in IL
· City of Dallas, TX
· Temple/Killeen/Waco area in TX

I have a second job in which I work (very part-time) for a company that facilitates live-in childcare. The job allows me a little travel, a little extra money, and the opportunity to get to know international young people as well as area families.


alan said...

By north side of chicago, do you mean the in the city, or north of the city?

Catherine said...

Hey there - I live in the Western Subarbs of Chicago, does that count?

Nice to "meet you" by the way...

Kaleigh said...

http://www.culturalcare.com/localcoordinators/default.aspx There's more information about the company (and the job) on this page.