Friday, March 30, 2007

It's that time of year

Every family has "that" time of year. A month, or a season, or a week, in which many occasions happen. Birthdays, anniversaries. A co-worker tells me that her family's month is February, with two wedding anniversaries and a birthday on Valentine's day alone!

It's our week this week. My brother has a birthday today. My mom's birthday is Monday. Our wedding anniversary is Tuesday. And Alex's birthday is a week from today. Add in Easter, the "Father-Daughter" dance for girl scouts, our church's celebration of our new minister's installation on Sunday, and you've got a busy ten days. Oh, and did I mention my parents are coming to visit for Easter? No? Because that, too.

The nice part is that I'm not really overwhelmed by any of it this year. The kids have decided that since they like each other's friends, they're going to have a co-birthday party sometime in between their birthdays, so I don't have a party to plan just yet. With my folks coming to visit just after Mom's birthday, I can select her gift and not worry about shipping it to Michigan. And we can have a family birthday celebration for the boy when they're here.

The only thing that gets the back burner (and it often turns out this way) is the wedding anniversary. It's our fourteenth, which is astonishing to me (we're that old? really?), but it's not one of the "milestone" anniversaries, like the twentieth or even the tenth. We had a lovely party for our fifth, and I'd love to have one for our fifteenth, but fourteenth? Eh. It's a Tuesday, and American Idol and House are on.

So how should we celebrate? Not sure we can find a babysitter, so let's consider that to be "not an option."

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Pam said...

Our anniversary is Dec. 26 so it often gets overlooked in all the wrapping paper.

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