Thursday, March 08, 2007

I can see the finish line

The MVAE concerts are this weekend, tomorrow and Sunday. That has meant that my week (and the prior week) have been very busy, but the end is in sight. Tonight is the final rehearsal, then the concert Friday night and the celebratory cast dinner afterward.

Concert weekend is usually surprisingly easy. I block it off in my calendar and don't schedule anything else, which means I get a nice leisurely Saturday, with no morning rehearsal, no afternoon activities, no evening stuff. And once the concert is over on Sunday, I've got a week in front of me that has kept my head over the surface for months.

Spring break.

Craig's spring break is this week, which means he won't be home all day to keep the kids next week; he'll be back in classes. And since he's got daytime classes Monday through Friday, I'm taking the week off.

Big plans?


I've warned the kids that on Monday I plan to stay in bed all day. Truth be told, I'm physically incapable of that. But it's nice to imagine. We'll head over to the church one day that week to help spruce it up; our new minister's installation celebration is the first of April, and we want the church to look ship-shape.

But beyond that? And a few regular evening meetings? The week is a blank slate. Maybe I'll clean out closets. Maybe I'll get a pedicure. Maybe I'll finish the books on my dresser. Maybe I'll make something neat. Maybe I'll stencil a poem onto the dining room wall.

A blank slate of a week is before me, and I can't wait.

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