Monday, April 02, 2007

Equal time

I posted last week about my son and my optimistic vision of his future love life. It's only fair to take the same look at my daughter's future.

I have glimpsed the future, people, and I am scared.

Susie is gorgeous. I'm not sure exactly how the DNA combined so perfectly, but she's amazingly pretty. Much prettier than me or my husband, or anyone we're related to. She's tall for her age (from her dad's side) but slender (from mine). She inherited my blue eyes and her dad's wonderful smile (and straight teeth!).

In addition to her physical beauty, she's got a striking persona. She walks like a bada$$, with a bit of John Travolta's strut from Saturday Night Fever. When she chooses her own clothes (she wears uniforms to school), she has an interesting flair; her outfits are not a bit typical of trendy tweeny dress. She has (fortunately for both of us, as I'm completely hopeless) figured out how to deal with her long hair, usually choosing to put it in two ponytails or two braids.

Her talent for music really began to shine this year. But her talent for people started in infancy. She's funny, outgoing, and charming. Thank goodness, she's also quite firm and doesn't take any $hit. She's always gotten along with boys as well as girls, so I wasn't surprised when I learned at the beginning of this school year that a boy in her class had taken extra piano lessons all summer in order to move up to the group piano class she was taking. Because he wanted to be in her class.

Add to the mix a marvelous brain, a natural curiosity about the world around her, and the most melodious giggle I've ever heard, and you've pretty much got the perfect girl.

And on Saturday night, at the father-daughter dance, Craig got so spoiled. Because all her attention? Was focused on him. Right up to the point when one of her friends asked if she could spend the night.

Poor Craig. Dumped for a ten-year-old girl.

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