Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm looking forward to spring because....(CHBM Carnival post)

A couple of weeks ago I was certain that winter was gone and spring, maybe even summer, had come to Memphis to stay. The temperatures climbed near 90, the tulips had bloomed, and all was green and lovely. (And my son was sneezing and losing his voice, another sign of spring in my house.)

Then last week, it all changed. Freeze warnings were posted. The heat was turned back on. Another cold Easter.

For years I've counted fall as my favorite season. Having moved to Memphis from Michigan, the summers overwhelmed me for several years. It didn't help that our old house didn't have central air, which meant cooking dinner in the summer was hot, taking a shower in the summer was hot, and sleeping was hot in some of the bedrooms. Fall spelled R-E-L-I-E-F. My feelings about summer weren't improved by the constant fight against our yard, which had been neglected for years and daunted me, the inexperienced gardener.

But that changed a couple of years ago. We moved to a new house. With all the amenities, like central heat and air. And a brand-new yard. Virgin flower beds. No significant weeds to beat back. Just potential.

And I became a better gardener. I researched plants that would do well in different exposures and planted them. We built a patio, adding more flower beds. We dedicated the back flower bed for vegetables, and the narrow bed along the back walkway to herbs. And everything I planted? Is doing great (or did great, if it was an annual). I can't wait to get into that vegetable bed and dig and lay out and select the perfect tomato plants and try some new varieties.

Last spring, we downtowners also got a new Saturday morning treat: the Farmer's Market. There's been a farmer's market in the suburbs for ages, but the drive kept me away most of the time. But when we became downtowners, we also became bicycle riders, and the Farmer's Market is an easy bike ride from the house (as long as we bring backpacks to carry our purchases home). Spring marks the return of this weekly adventure. (Note to self: repair flat tire on bike, stat!)

Uptown Memphis shines in the spring and summer. Neighbors, hidden inside their houses during the winter, reemerge to the alley, the porches, the park, the backyards. We'll congregate in each other's yards, enjoying the pretty weather, sipping our beverages, and talking about whatever is going on. I like the camaraderie our neighborhood has fostered.

So hurry up, Spring! It's time to play!


Lizard Eater said...

I am MADLY envious.


AuburnGalAlways said...

Here in the South, we often jump right past Spring and go straight to Summer. Your pictures are great signs of the mildness of Spring that we dream of.

visiting from chbm

Madame M. said...

Your entry made me smile.

Thank you.

DSB said...

There's nothing quite like spring in the south, though it's beautiful everywhere.

I am near Huntsville, Alabama, and we have all that crazy weather now, too. I grew up not far from Memphis!

Just here via the carnival.

Sharon said...

Uptown Memphis sounds nice! :)
Nice pics. I love seeing the flowers bloom.
Happy Gardening! (as soon as the weather cooperates)

venessa said...

Got to you through the carnival. :)

What a great post! I can definitly relate to the gardening itch. This year is the year of virgin beds for me, making the transition from community (re: weed-filled and neglected!) gardening to home gardening.

I have already been out pruning, planting herbs and perennials, and ordering seeds. Have all my vegetables started indoors as well.

Good times!