Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick brag on my husband

As I mentioned months ago, my husband was diagnosed in October with Metabolic Syndrome. Ever since that diagnosis, he's been much more mindful of what he eats (and in what quantities), and he's been exercising with amazing regularity.

The results, thus far, are amazing. He's lost about 45 pounds and not one, not two, but THREE pants sizes.

We hadn't bought any new clothes for him during this time, just because we didn't want to spend bunches of money on transitional sizes. I knew he was serious about getting in shape, and I wanted to see how far he'd go.

But since it was no-sales-tax weekend, we went ahead and bought him some shorts and a shirt. He tried the size we thought was appropriate, and he returned from the dressing room with an unfamiliar expression for the situation: he was smiling. The shorts didn't fit. The usual next step would be to get the next size higher, saying something about how that store's sizes are strange. No. This time we needed to find the size lower. Which were still a little big, but only big enough to be okay after they were washed.

And the shirt? Was a "normal" size rather than an "extended" size. (Which means it was $2 less than the shirt we would have bought before.)

I'm so very proud of him. He's one pants size away from being the size he was in college. And I expect we'll see him in that size in another couple of months.

The downside? He's pestering me to start exercising with him. Yikes!

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