Sunday, April 22, 2007

Award nominee? Me?

UUMomma has nominated me for a "Thinking Blog" award. My mission, now, is to nominate five other blogs for this same award.

Given that I frequently post about such topics as what I ate for dinner, what movie I'm going to watch on a date night, or the various culinary adventures I have with my children, you can imagine that I'm a bit, um, stunned to be up for such an award. But I guess I've had a few moments of deep thinking that have made an impression. So thank you, and I'll try to nominate some good blogs to join us on the podium.

The first choice is easy. Pam at Musings of a Working Mom is much better-informed and well-spoken about current events that I could ever dream to be. She has a lot of passion about the world and our nation's role in world events.

Joy, at GingaJoy, is another blogger whose words demonstrate that her brain cells are doing just great, despite her Tuesday night activities.

I also feel a little smarter after I read Izzymom. She writes a great deal about current events, especially those that involve mothers and children. Her feminism and passion for parenting shine through most of her posts. Plus, she's thinking about moving and I'm hoping she'll move to Memphis if I suck up enough.

Another blogger who writes thoughfully is Alice. I love her regular blog over at Finslippy, but her column at Alphamom, Wonderland, is never a disappointment. And the commenting community rises to the occasion, making for a lively and interesting discussion.

And finally, no list of mine would be complete without something food-related. Chef Chris DeBarr, a rising star in New Orleans, writes quite well about food, cooking, and life in post-Katrina New Orleans. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he is married to my favorite author, Poppy Z. Brite (whose blog also deserves to be here...I suppose they'd probably be happy to share the award).

And the rules, as far as I understand, work a lot like a meme or a chain letter: each blogger I nominate now nominates five blogs for the same award. So happy nominating!

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Pam said...

Aw, thanks for the nomination! I'll try to get to it later in the week - swamped at work right now. I shouldn't even be reading this....;-)