Friday, April 06, 2007

Eight years ago

My second baby was born.

I've already told his birth story. I blather on and on about what a neat kid he is.

I don't know what else to say, except that my life wouldn't be complete without him. He brings an intensity to my world. He loves me so fiercely and completely that I'm sometimes in awe of it. He does crazy dances and laughs like he's choking and whines and stomps his feet when he's mad and has the weirdest sense of humor and sometimes says the most amazingly perceptive things. Take away any of that and he's not him. And if someone told me they could make him stop whining but he'd also never run all the way across the house to jump on me and give me a hug, I wouldn't take that deal. Because we all need to be knocked to the floor by someone who loves us. (But maybe it would be nice if he only did that when there was something soft for me to land on. Just a thought.)

Happy birthday, Alex. I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

Happy 8th birthday, dear boy! It's going to be a great year for you.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday to ALEX!!