Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Last night, the worst happened.

(Wow, what a great beginning! Don't you just want to keep reading and find out what was so horrible? Here it comes!)

We're pretty much done with our holiday shopping. A few of the gifts were sent directly from the online merchant to my parents' house, so to leave us as unburdoned as possible for the long drive. (And because my mom is so cool that she wraps without me asking!) (Thanks, Mom!) But the balance of the gifts were lurking in the dark recesses of my closet until last night. When I removed them to make sure we hadn't missed something or the kids were uneven or something horrible. Also, I needed to wrap. (Mom, don't you want to come for a quick weekend? Pretty please? I'll cook!)

Before the wrapping and during the evaluating, with The Husband in the room, what to our wondering eyes should appear but THE BOY!!!! Oh! My! God! The! Boy! Saw! Everything! Every single present (except one that is big and still in the closet since it's for both of them) was laid out lovingly all over my bed and the floor nearby. The Husband panicked and yelped and The Boy ran.

After trying to convince myself that (a) he probably didn't really see much and (b) he didn't have his glasses on and (c) who cares anyway?, I went upstairs to do damage control. Because that's what I do.

The Boy was in his bed, crying. He knew what had happened, and he didn't want that to happen. I asked him what he saw, and he told me that he didn't see any of it clearly but maybe he had detected a board game (there *is* a board game in the mix, but he could not have seen it because it was under something...which means he didn't correctly identify something entirely different). I assume he's telling the truth. Much of the stuff is small, and even the big stuff is not necessarily easy to recognize without glasses. At last I hope.

Did I finish wrapping? Um, no. I got really tired of it. I did slog through and get my kids' and The Husband's gifts wrapped. And the gifts for my family. And a little of his family. But there's still a big bag of gifts for his family that need to be wrapped, and still a wee bit of shopping to be done.


lil bro said...

that's some funny stuff! Remember finding unwrapped presents when we were kids? Or better yet, when you showed me how to open the wrapped ones and close them again? Good times.

Another Working Mom said...

Oh yes, those were the days. I still have to fight the urge when I see presents...I really wanna know what's inside immediately. Surprisingly, the kids (so far) have shown no interest in peeking. Poor Boy's gift-sighting was entirely accidental.

Anonymous said...

Hummm, I think I remember stashing gifts the following year at someone else's place! (Sorry, the rewrapping wasn't a big success!)

Another Working Mom said...

Probably a smart course of action given the fact that your children only missed a life of criminal geniousness (is that a word?) because of the firm moral compass you instilled in them.