Friday, December 08, 2006


That's what I am today. This week. Hopefully not, but it seems like this month. The holidays get much of the blame. More parties, concerts, school events than normal, shoved into three weeks. Add a couple of birthdays and upheaval at work (nothing bad, just upheaval in general caused by moving offices due to construction), and you've got an overbooked blogger.

This time last year I was actively taking things off my plate. Because I knew how overbooked I was and it was really starting to wear me down. I had also stepped away from one commitment that I really enjoyed and I was feeling resentful about that. So I reconfigured my extracurricular activities and made something that works.

And now? It mostly works. Until November and December. When I have to choose whether to attend all the meetings, rehearsals, events, parties, concerts to which I'm invited, either to enjoy or to participate, or to spend time with my family. And most of the time I really want to do both!

Which meant that yesterday my husband picked me up on the way to pick up The Boy from school and the three of us went for coffee until it was time to pick up Susie from piano. Time spent with son = 1 hour. Time spent with Susie = how long it took to drive home (about five minutes). As soon as we got home she got on the phone with the other girls in her Science Fair group. I got a hug from her but that was it - and I was out the door headed to dress rehearsal, to return after everyone in the house was asleep.

Sure, that means I didn't get much time with the Husband either. But he gets seven or eight uninterrupted hours of physical contact (or at least proximity) while we're sleeping and I know that makes a difference in our marriage. (Because we slept apart for almost five years due to his sleep apnea and my inability to sleep through any noise at all.)

So this week, at least, everyone except my family has gotten the best of me. Work, clients, church friends, singers, and even neighbors. My family's gotten me in the morning (which isn't bad, just rushing) and for a few minutes here and there.

I'm really looking forward to a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. I think we all need it.

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