Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So tired

Another night with the human radiator has left me completely useless. The kids are still running fever, which means no field trip today for Susie, and no girl scouts tonight. She's heartbroken. I wish I could just snap my fingers and make everything okay, but I can't.

Since my work area is slated to begin renovation next week (!!), I am smack dab in the face with a drop-dead deadline. Office must be packed by 9 a.m. tomorrow. Period. Doesn't matter that we have meetings and department parties and the like today. I generally manage my workflow pretty well, so I'm hoping to not wind up staying late to finish today. Because I really want to go to bed very very very early so I'll be fully rested by the time human radiator visits the bed.

Did I mention that he's wiggly? And that he doesn't sleep? Just thrashes around? Yeah.

My parents' Christmas card arrived, which means that my mom's holiday letter also arrived. As the only good, recent, digital picture of the children was of the first day of school, she included a paragraph disclaiming the Boy's haircut. I love that she says that parents who let their kids have mohawks have nice kids. Especially because I was trying to get that point across to her twenty years ago. So see, teenagers? Your parents are listening.


lil bro said...

oh noes! I hope they're better by the weekend!

Oh! When are you all leaving for Tha D?

Another Working Mom said...

All better, and we leave in T minus 32 hours and counting.