Sunday, December 31, 2006

6 things that happened in 2006

I figure now's a good time to look at the year and see what happened. These are in no particular order, but they're all things that made 2006 different from other years.

1. Didn't get the job I wanted. To be completely honest, this has never happened to me before. It was a crushing blow at the time, but it also taught me that I can recover from disappointment better than I thought I could.

2. Threw myself a spectacular birthday party. It was a milestone year (35) and I figured I was due. It was the best party I've ever thrown. Amazingly good time. And no pictures at all (I was way too busy being a hostess and I never asked anyone else to take pictures). If you missed it, you're in the minority, since it felt like every cool person in Memphis was in my house. It lasted a whopping eight (!!) hours. Great time.

3. Started blogging. Which has been great for disciplining myself to write. I feel like my writing is better than it was when I started, and I don't post about what I cooked for dinner anymore (unless it's amazing).

4. Grew my own food. Not exclusively, but more than I've ever done before. This has really been fun for the kids, and it's also caused my family to eat better. Whatever we weren't able to grow we tried to buy from the farmer's market (until October), and I got to plan meals around what was fresh and looked good instead of making the menu before we shopped. We didn't buy tomatoes from June to October (and beyond), we cook with fresh herbs, and I even got these from the garden today.

From plant pictures

5. Made some new friends. This is pretty crucial, because from 2001-2002, all my close friends in Memphis moved away or died. (Really.) It's been difficult at times, but things are coming around. I still can't claim that I have a really, really great friend in Memphis, but I do have some very good friends. And it will be fun to see which of those relationships deepen.

6. Built a patio! No, I didn't do it alone; the husband did most of the physical labor. But it's a project that we planned, started, and completed all within a month. And I did all the landscaping. Isn't it pretty?
From plant pictures

From plant pictures

From plant pictures

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