Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The human radiator

I was awakened at an unknown time this morning by a very warm little Boy who was insistenly stage-whispering, "Mom! Mom!" while standing next to my bed. Yes, the kids spiked a fever yesterday afternoon, but even in his compromised state (read: 102.5 degrees Farenheit), he remains polite, not just climbing into my bed, but waiting for the invitiation.

Needless to say, I got very little sleep. What with the Husband on one side and the very toasty Boy on the other, and the little dog up there somewhere, I was very warm and crowded.

Interesting how the same bug (almost certainly a virus) manifests so differently for the kids. Susie gets achy and whiny and her stomach bothers her when she's sick. Her fever tipoff? Headache and really tired. The Boy gets a croupy cough and gets really annoying. His fever tipoff? Hot skin.

So they're all dosed up with motrin and tylenol and hanging out in their pajamas and watching tv and playing video games. The Husband looks on and hydrates them.

Sad part is how many times I took my temperature, hoping for a triple-digit number so I could join them.

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Pam said...

My kids both climb into bed sometime in the morning hours....and then they start fighting!!

Hope everyone feels better soon.