Thursday, December 21, 2006


The kids are better - hooray! Just in time to go to school one day for their holiday parties. They were really sweet this morning, and obviously happy to be back to normal.

Their illness also made my very, very busy week a lot less so. I was supposed to attend a party Monday night, but that's when their fever started and I figured choosing a party over sick kids would suggest that I was, er, a bit too cavalier about my children's health and well-being. My Tuesday volunteer commitment was too important to skip, and it ended fairly early (6 p.m.) anyway. Yesterday was Girl Scouts, so that, of course, was missed. And my event scheduled for this evening was canceled due to the hostess being sick (I promise, she didn't get it from my kids!).

Add to the calm week the fact that THE BOY STAYED IN HIS BED ALL NIGHT OH MY HEAVENS and you get a fairly well-rested blogger.

Who will drive all night tomorrow night to visit the ancestral home.

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