Monday, January 22, 2007

The boy is the sick (not really anymore though)

Pukefest 2007 has reared its ugly head. The Boy (but he now wants his Internet name to be Alex) was all showered and dressed for church yesterday, ate two bites of cereal, and immediately threw it all up on the kitchen floor. Needless to say, he missed church and apparently threw up even more while Susie and I were gone. Fortunately, he had good aim, and a bowl that he carried around, so no more messes.

He ran low grade fever and looked pretty much like death warmed over all color in his face, very sleepy, etc., and didn't hold anything down until about 7 p.m. So we decided to keep him home from school today.

Mondays are very busy for me at work. And since our department has a management vacancy right now, I really didn't feel that it would be a good decision to stay home all day. So I, dedicated and loyal employee that I am, woke up at o'dark-thirty and got to work well before the sun was up. I put in two hours before I needed to be back home to tag in as The Husband (heretofore to be known as Craig) had to go teach. I brought home some work that is for a web-based application, so I didn't quite leave my colleagues in a lurch.

Amazing how efficient one can be when one is on a deadline. I got all the work done in two hours that normally takes three, and even did some other things that someone else usually does (because they arrive that early every day). So that wasn't bad.

And now Alex is playing video games and looking like the picture of health. I'm just waiting for him to digest some real food, then I'll be convinced.

In other news, there might be other news. I've decided to be superstitious about it, though, so I'm not going to tell the internets what's going on until I know for sure.


Julie said...

I hope Alex is feeling better today. Why is it they never get sick when it's convenient for us? : )

furrjen said...


Kaleigh said...

That was the name that the entire family chose for him. Can't you hear me snickering every time I use it?

rlbull said...

Full name: Craig 2000