Thursday, January 04, 2007

Television and other electronica

Unrelated to anything else, so it gets its own paragraph: my Roomba, formerly not working, is back in the land of the living. Hooray for iRobot customer support, who accurately diagnosed what was wrong with very little helpful information provided by me, and sent the new part in record time. I had to empty the bin three times yesterday as Roomba scooted around the house, picking up pet hair from the nether regions of the house (under the couch, under the bed, under the china cabinet). Our poor deaf dog. He was enjoying the break.

After the Girl Scouts meeting last night, the kids headed upstairs for a little TV and then sleep. And the adults sat downstairs watching TV, which is finally back from its holiday hiatus. Friday Night Lights got away from me a little when I was busy with rehearsals two and three evenings a week, but I was able to figure out what I missed and thoroughly enjoy last night's episode. What a great show.

Top Chef is not quite as fun this season as last season. Marcel is not nearly as awful as Steven was. But the food last night was really great-looking, and there was enough bad behavior to make the episode interesting, although hardly worth the long wait from the previous episode to this one.

OHMYGOSH...did you hear? I just heard. Oh no. I think I'll be needing some chocolate after all.


rlbull said...

I wish we could cancel the Roomba and get a new part for the O.C. You see what I'm saying?

Julie said...

I'm devastated about the OC - well, about as devastated as one can get when their favorite guilty pleasure is canceled. : (

Paul said...

Don't fret, closet OC fans. The Schwartz will still be with you.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of electronics, did you see the ad for a "lamp" that has a bunch of places to plug in all of your iPods and cell phone chargers, etc., in one central location. We were amazed at the number of items plugged in when all of the Christmas packages were opened!