Friday, January 26, 2007


So Craig is taking the kids and leaving me.

(Insert dramatic music.)

Until tomorrow.

Susie's best friend moved to Nashville last year, and it's her birthday, so off they go to celebrate. With ice skating and sleepovers and ice cream and puppies. Tweens. So cute and giggly.

Delightfully enough, this best friend has a younger brother the exact same age as Alex. This brother thinks Alex is the most awesome kid in the whole world. When they still lived in Memphis, after a sleepover he tried to keep Alex from leaving, asking, "Can we keep him? Please?" So Alex will be entertained and adored, too.

Craig, on the other hand, will enjoy a night alone in a semi-respectable motel, with Ipod, computer, and DVD's. And liquor.

And as luck would have it, I've already got plans (plans that were made ages ago and ETCHED IN STONE which is why I'm not going to Nashville). Plans that involve girls and night and in (though "out" for me because it's not in my house) and makeup and beverages and food! Maybe we'll even braid each other's hair!

With the vacancies in my house until sometime Saturday afternoon, I have very noble plans to clean and do laundry and sew patches onto Susie's girl scout sash and even make a skirt like this and even make a weekly meal plan and grocery shop. But let's get real. What will I really do? Have you seen my TIVO? No? There's a bunch of this and this and this and I bet I won't even get dressed until well after noon with all that temptation. I do need to stop by the jewelry store to pick up my sweetie's finally-repaired wedding ring and my Christmas necklace with the new chain.

So please forgive me if I don't blog this weekend. Climbing the stairs to the PC may not fit into my plans even a little bit.

****Roomba update: I finally got brave and let the Roomba upstairs. The manual assures the reader that Roomba has infrared sensors that won't allow it to tumble down the stairs. My upstairs hall carpet looks great, and Roomba did not fall down the stairs even once. I love this little thing. I want to spoon with it. And give it an outfit.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a camo outfit?