Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's almost time!

Tonight is the much-anticipated Girl Scout Cookie Sales Meeting. The meeting that must not be missed. Because if you miss it, your girl doesn't get to sell cookies. The gates open on Friday. If you want cookies, find a Girl Scout! I know one who consistently sells the second-highest number of boxes in the troop (oh no, does that mean she's doomed to a life of second-place finishes just like me?).

I enjoyed selling cookies as a kid. I enjoy a lot of the cookie sales work now, too. No, I never sign up (nor will I) to be the "cookie mom" (for good reasons...I live far away from the rest of the girls in the troop, and I don't have anywhere to put the cookies since we don't have a garage or spare room). But I'm an avid cookie sales supporter. I'll sit in the Wal-Mart parking lot and encourage the girls to be good aggressive little salespeople. I'll walk with my child, door-to-door, making sure she does the "real" work of interacting with her neighbors. Because selling Girl Scout cookies is an easy way to learn to sell. If you can sell, you can raise money, you can recruit volunteers, you can do lots of things.

So, get in a single file line and have your order ready. I'll be enjoying some Thin Mints soon!


Julie said...

Thin mints are delicious! The two scouts on my street have been taking pre-orders for weeks.

Pam said...

Oh NO!! I need to hide out!! I end up buying one box from each kid who asks and I still end up with about 12 boxes - straight to my HIPS! lol!

Anonymous said...

I won't buy whatever the number may be to make Susie #1, but you can put me down for a couple of boxes! u know who!