Friday, January 12, 2007

Five things

Here's a list of five things you might not know about me (thanks, Crazy Hip Blog Mamas). I'm having to dig deep, since my mother and brother and best friend since high school all read this. And they know a lot.

1. I fell in love with my husband almost at first sight. We met at a party on Saturday and by Wednesday I knew I was going to marry him. I even wrote it in my journal.

2. I've tried gambling a couple of times (in casinos) and I got the most horrible stomachache after losing $10 of someone else's money that I really can't do it. I've never bought a lottery ticket, either.

3. I'm very likely third in line to be our church's president. If things happen that way, I'll be the youngest president in our congregation's history.

4. I ate macaroni and cheese in three out of four meals this week (Tuesday dinner, Wednesday lunch, and Wednesday dinner). I've really got to stop that.

5. I still get extremely awkward and tongue-tied when I'm around a guy that I find attractive (other than my husband, around whom I'm always totally smooth and so cool and witty). It's really quite embarrassing. But if I'm around guys that I like but don't find attractive, I'm an incorrigible flirt. (Is that bad?) (My husband thinks it's funny, mostly.)

So, did you learn anything?


furrjen said...

Five things I remember about you that you may have forgotten or not thought about or wanted to forget:

1.) I still have a vivid memory of you and husband (who was not yet husband) having a sappy phone call when I was over at your house the Christmas break after you met.

2.) Your audition for Maria in S-L's "West Side Story."

3.) Our groupie evening on Big Beaver Road.

4.) You telling me minutes before walking down the ailse at my first wedding that I could call it all off right now if I wanted to. (Why didn't I take you up on this??)

5.) Hanging wallpaper with you in three rooms in your old house.

Kaleigh said...

See, I told you she knew a lot.

Kind of you not to mention the huge fight you got to witness the first time you were with both of us. That was neat.

I still remember what I *wore* for that effing audition. (It was vintage.) (And I dyed my hair brown just for the occasion.) (Not my best decision.)

How do you remember the groupie evening? I thought you were, um, intoxicated. (Hi Mom!)

Starter marriages. 'Nuff said.

And I thought a lot about hanging the wallpaper when we had to strip it off the walls in order to sell that effing house.

furrjen said...

oh, yes. The one in the car. Wasn't there a roadmap involved?

I was totally sober!