Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sorry for the vacancy yesterday. It was a holiday and I was otherwise occupied on the computer. Plus, it was raining and cold and I couldn't think of anything to write.

Can I just say that scanning one's old photos into one's computer is tedious at best? I'm just going to count myself lucky to have a laptop so I could watch television whilst scanning.

"Why," you may ask, "did you embark on such a time-consuming and boring endeavor?"

Because. I hate hate hate hate hate putting photos into albums. They take up too much space and aren't really fun to look at and now, thanks to the power of the intarweb, I've found a new obsession.

The photobook.

I've made two so far and I don't see any signs that I'm stopping anytime soon.

Case in point: our wedding pictures. We've been married, um, almost fourteen years. And in those almost fourteen years, I've done exactly NOTHING to make our wedding album any different than it was when the photographer gave it to us. I've not reprinted any of the pictures. (Wait, I did put one picture into a frame...so I must've put one of the "second string" pictures into the album.) The album is boring. So yesterday, after scanning all those pictures, and a few others, I made this. So if you're just dying to see what I looked like as a blonde, and about 30 pounds lighter, and how The Husband looked with hair, you can see it. (But if you print one for yourself and I don't know you, that's just creepy.)

I expect that I will have more scanning to do since I've decided to make a book to commemorate Susie's first ten years (yes, she's almost ten. I know. Ouch.). And my goodness, she was well-documented for the first four or so years. Then I became a slacker and took less pictures. So if you have any good pictures of Susie from the last five years, please share them with me. Preferably electronically. Because I really don't want to scan any more than I have to.

In other news, American Idol is on tonight. I'm particularly excited because I know someone who auditioned and heard the magic words, "Welcome to Hollywood!" Woot! I'm already behind on my TV viewing since I missed the second two hours of the 24 premier last night. And I've got a meeting tonight and tomorrow, so that means I'll have SIX hours of television on TIVO.

Okay, nothing else to say. But look for a forthcoming post on evidence, in my very own yard, of global warming.


ald said...


global warming is for jerks!

furrjen said...

awww..awww...awww...good memories!

(Why the fuck did you let me in public with that hair?)

Kaleigh said...

Your hair looked amazing! Sistah, please!