Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hallmark is obviously not aware of this

It's our "Ivory" anniversary today. That's what the internet says, anyway.

But we've never been slaves to tradition. Case in point: our kids' hair.

So, instead, I give you our family's take on the fourteenth anniversary.

The Pink Flamingo anniversary. Nice ring to it.


uuMomma said...

Happy Anniversary! Now, how does this fit into Idol time?

Kaleigh said...

Instead of beer, we'll drink champagne while we watch Idol tonight. See? That's special AND fancy!

And just for tonight, I'll refrain from mentioning how HOT Hugh Laurie is during the entire episode of House.

guess who B^D said...

wow. 14 years. And he hasn't killed you yet?

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to read as B^D, not b^d.

stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kaleigh and "Craig."

Gosh, 14 years ago I was pulled on a dance floor to dance a polka. And who could forget Paul's "Mr. Roboto"?

(Lord knows, I've tried.)

Happy TV watching and champagne sipping.

Put the kids to bed early.