Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick days and field trips

Susie ran fever all weekend. By Sunday night, I had accepted the fact that she was going to be staying home on Monday. At bedtime she was still running fever over 101. So I made arrangements to go to work early for a few hours, then to come home to stay with her since Craig doesn't get to take days off from teaching.

I did check her temperature before I left, and she was better. But I decided to keep her home anyway. She's got a big, busy week in front of her, and a day of rest wouldn't hurt her any.

Plus, I had a busy weekend and didn't mind the prospect of a quiet day off with my favorite girl.

And it was a good day. I could tell she wasn't quite recovered that morning because she had no appetite, and normally that girl can eat. She didn't want anything until around 1 p.m. We watched television and played on the computer, and I went outside and did some work in the yard while she played on the computer some more.

By the time her brother returned from school, she was feeling like herself, and they scampered off upstairs to play on the computer (more!), and then played outside after dinner.

But here's why I let her rest. This afternoon, her school's choir (she's in the choir) is singing the National Anthem at the local minor league baseball team's game. And tomorrow her CLUE class is going on a field trip to some caves in Arkansas. They'll leave at 6 a.m. and return close to 8 p.m. It's a big, exciting week, and I didn't want her to miss any of it.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed that the game doesn't get rained out, okay? Because the weather is making me nervous.

::Edited to add, the rain stayed away and all was fine. Apparently a couple of kids in the choir hogged the microphones and screamed into them, so there wasn't much to hear. Oh well. She had a good time anyway. Raining today, but the cave is underground, right? So that should be fun no matter what.

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