Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Life lessons

This week's CHBM carnival topic is "What do you wish you were taught growing up?"

I wrote a long post about toxic people and fitting in and being yourself, but I really don't like it. Maybe I'll work on it later, but for now, it's just not working. Sorry if you wanted more depth. There's only so much I can do, folks.

So I give you two superficial things that I didn't learn as a kid but have kind of learned as an adult.

I wish someone had taught me how to draw. Our hippie-dippy art teachers of the 1970's never seemed interested in actually teaching us drawing technique. Rather, they spent a lot of time encouraging us to experiment and try new materials and blah blah blah. By the time I got to college, I was quite convinced that I could not draw. And my required drawing class was the most difficult thing I ever did. I'm still by no means great at drawing, but I'm much better than I ever thought I'd be. Because someone actually taught me. Finally.

I also wish I'd learned more about gardening. My grandmother can name any plant she sees, but I never learned anything about it. I've learned a lot on my own, with the help of some kind ladies in the Memphis Garden Club, but it's not something I learned growing up.

Okay...I'll give you a hint about my angst-ridden post that I'm not posting. There's this sentence: "Those people are a$$holes and they don't deserve the time it takes for you to be upset about them." Important lesson that I didn't learn growing up. Because my mom doesn't talk like that.


Paul said...

Is that about me?

Carrie said...

Those skills may sound simple and common, but I believe they are useful. Many took advantage of it.
It's good to know that you managed to learn those skills.

Kaleigh said...

Paul, it's not about anyone in our neighborhood, or anyone you even know, most likely. No worries!

Paul said...

That's code for "Hells yes, it's about you!"

DSB said...

You are right about a$$holes! But sometimes it does help to vent. I love drawing, but was never taught, either...I just taught myself. I do wish I had more gardening skills and experience, though. Just here via the carnival.

amaras_mom said...

Artistic nature hit the other side of my family -- never made its way over towards me. And as for gardening...ask my already dying petunias. Yeah, I didn't get that lesson either growing up!

Here via the chbm!

kalisah said...

I wish my mom had been more upfront w/ me when she taught me the facts of life. I was practically out of high school before I realized that hard-ons didn't happen monthly, like periods.

(Was that too graphic?)

Bob said...

There are lots of skill I wish I learned when I was a child. Nevertheless, I still have time to learn them like drawing, but I am sure that they are much useful now when I learned back then.

Mama Zen said...

I have always wished that I had learned to draw! I just don't seem to have the talent. Great post!