Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sick day = crafts day!

After yesterday's bout with the stomach bug (which resulted in taking half the day off at my boss's urging), I took another day today as I was not feeling even close to 100% this morning. Maybe it was the awfulness of American Idol. Or maybe it was a virus. Same difference, right?

So today, I was left to my own devices as the kids were at school and Craig was chaperoning a field trip. Which means I got crafty. (And I watched Ever After, too, but that's just 2 hours of couch quality time.)

Here's what I made:

A throw for my bed

These pillows

A cover for our body pillow.

I have this problem with fabric. I buy it, sometimes in very large quantities, then it sits in a storage box, sometimes for years. Some of the fabric had an intended purpose when it was purchased, but much of it just tickled my fancy for "something, someday".

The Chinese fabrics were purchased last summer. I had bought a large amount of one fabric for our bedspread. And I made that the same day the fabric arrived in the mail. But the other fabrics were for more nebulous purposes....maybe pillows, maybe something else. And nothing got done.

But this week was the seasonal "changing of the quilts." The quilt with the Chinese brocade is very heavy, which was great in February, but not so much now. So I got out the quilt my Grandma made for our wedding, but we're using it face down (because the colors I selected in the early 1990's doesn't really go with the stuff in our new bedroom). That expanse of white needed something, but I wasn't sure what. So I dug around in my boxes of fabric and realized there were two fabrics I was "saving" for something. Perfect for a throw. And I had just the right amount of trim to go around. And enough of the red fabric left to make the heart-shaped pillow.



Looks pretty good, right?

Oh, and these red pillows are from that big fabric purchase (but I didn't make them). They're the traditional Chinese "Lovebirds" pattern with the symbol called "Double Happiness". So sweet!

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Anonymous said...

And all I do is curl up in bed and moan when i have stomach bugs.

you sure you didn't put the heating pad up to your forehead and the thermometer near a lightbulb?

Fab(ulous) fab(ric)