Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BlogHer - travel

I've definitely, definitely decided to go to BlogHer.

Now I need to firmly decide how to get there and how to get home.

Yesterday, I was 99% sure I had it figured out. But Sarah thought it was awfully complicated, and the more I thought about it, the more I had to agree.

Thank goodness for my daughter. Because she is generally the voice of reason, pragmatic little soul that she is. (Do you want examples? Okay...when we moved from midtown to downtown, we gave the kids the choice to stay in their beloved Peabody Elementary, which we all adored beyond reason, or to change to a school closer to our new house. My at-the-time-seven-year-old girl simply said, "It doesn't make any sense at all to drive all the way from downtown to midtown to take us to school, then drive back home, then drive there again to pick us up and drive back home again. We'll change schools." I foresee a career in logistics for that one.)

So, back to the travel plans. I mentioned the possibilities of our mode of travel to my darling, practical daughter this morning, telling her that we would either fly home or maybe take the train. I mostly thought we'd fly because the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to fly. (I really don't.) Turns out that the train lit up her eyes even more..."I've never been on a real train before."

But the clincher is this: the Memphis train station is like, um, a mile from our house, and my brother and his hot blonde girlfriend both work a few blocks from the Chicago train station, whereas the affordable way to fly includes driving to Nashville, which would take a little more than three hours, and would mean flying from an airport convenient to nothing. And the price difference? $71. Which is about how much we'd spend on gas driving to and from Nashville. So the actual price difference? None. And we get to keep our shoes on and not worry about if our shampoo bottle will fit in a ziplock bag.

So is it time to go yet?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Bring beer!

Kaleigh said...

Check! I was thinking I'd keep it Old Skool and bring malt liquor. Since I live in the 'hood and all. Gotta keep it real. Maybe Champale?

alan said...

so no props to me for bringing up the idea? thanks a bunch!