Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the Haiku Email Project

I'm trying to start something.

Yesterday I wrote an email to a friend and realized that the first paragraph made a haiku. So I made an intentional effort and composed the entire email in haiku form.

Found this, thought of you.
Maybe you'll be interested.
Hey, it's a haiku!

Wouldn't it be great
If all our emails could be
Written as haikus?'s been a
Long day and now I'm silly.
Hope you're doing well.

She was amused, though did not attempt to respond in kind.

But I continued today:

Don't sell yourself short
You, too, can write in haiku
Just count syllables.

(I know it's absurd
To continue this discourse
But now I'm obsessed.)

So play along, kids. Maybe limericks? Iambic pentameter? Let's make our emails poetic this week.

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