Thursday, May 17, 2007

Longer than I expected

I'm finding myself at a loss for words lately. We're at the end of the school year, so we've been busy with recitals, end-of-year programs, and the like. None of which are really blog-worthy. The school's music program included both kids: Susie sings in the chorus, and Alex plays guitar and was featured in the second-grade section of the program. And it was fine.

Tuesday's piano recital was fine, too. I can't say that I was completely loving listening to a bunch of kids I don't know play their little songs, but it wasn't too long, and Susie did a great job.

Yesterday's event was the Girl Scouts end-of-year awards program. And potluck. Again, fine.

I feel a little sorry for Alex, as he's been an audience member more than a participant in all this. He was pretty obviously bored during the scouts event, and his interest level was only slightly higher at the piano recital (except when the kid who sometimes is mean to him totally messed up his song....Alex was on the edge of his seat for that one). (And am I a completely horrible person if I admit that I enjoyed that moment just a bit more than I should have?) (The kid really is a jerk.)

So yeah, not much to say. I was really busy and now not as much, but still ink on the calendar.

Oh, and our birthday party (Alex's, Susie's, and mine) is Saturday. You're invited. We're cutting the cake at 6. I gave up on trying to figure out some clever menu and am going with a taco bar. Because everyone likes tacos, right? If I also have regular taco meat and chicken, would barbecue pork be too over-the-top as one of the options? Because this weekend is the barbecue festival just a few blocks away, and I thought that might be funny. And I make really good pork.

Keep answering the survey. I'll share the results as soon as I have enough.

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Lene said...

This is definitely the time of year with school aged children. Everything pulls to a close. YEA for the kids....booo for the parents. So much going on with little time.