Monday, May 14, 2007

Practical matters

I need your help, Internets. Our washing machine (the laundry type) died on Saturday. I'm not whining and crying about it; we purchased it used (and cheap!) and knew its life would be short. I had predicted 1-2 years and it has been 21 months. So we're fine with that.

But now we need to decide - today - what kind of washer we want. I found this one at Sears and it looks like a good choice. Any feedback?


Mom said...

From reading the comments on the link you provided, I think you need to be sure to purchase the service warranty. A proble, with the front gasket would create an awful flood in your kitchen and laundry room!

This price seems lower than most I've seen for a front-loader. Our newspaper columnist has reported on them for months, and his wife is more than pleased with the front loader.(My Kenmore top-loader is about 8 years old and has never had a service call.)

Laura said...

We've got an x-large capacity Kenmore top loader w/d combo from Sears - been going on 13 years without a glitch, and they see *heavy* use.

Gotta second the thing about the gasket seal, though - I would go for the x-warranty if you get the front loader. I remember when my grandmother's went and there was water, water everywhere. She swore she would *never* get another front loader in her life, and derides the commercials touting them again now.

laura said...

So what did you choose?

kalisah said...

I have a front loader Kenmore (not sure of the model). I like it but the only problem I have is that I bought the matching dryer and it doesn't seem to be as powerful as the washer. I can put a big ole' load of, say, towels in the washer. But it takes the dryer 2.5 hours to dry it.

Kaleigh said...

I ordered it. Everyone I talked to at work who had a front loader loves loves loves their washer. Our dryer is less than a year old and I love it like a child. So hopefully they'll be a good little family.

Won't be delivered until Monday, which means my sweet hubby will spend a chunk of his day at the laundromat today. The kids are down to one school uniform shirt each, with three more days to wear them before we can do laundry at home again.