Monday, May 07, 2007

Countdown commenced

We had a fun, busy weekend. Which is going to be followed by a very busy week. (Okay, a correction: I'll be busy, the kids will be busy, but my husband's semester is over so he's chillin'.)

We had extra kids in our house just about every moment this weekend: Friday we had two girls spend the night, and one boy who didn't spend the night but came home from school with the kids and left at dinnertime. Saturday, the girlie went to a girl scout function in the morning (while I went to rehearsal and the boy and husband went on a bike ride to our favorite place), then one of the sleepover girls and one friend from girl scouts were at the house when I got back. They left about the same time that Susie's best friend since she was four came to spend the night. She stayed with us until mid-afternoon Sunday, at which time we braved a sudden downpour and went bowling with the brother and sister who had joined us on Friday night. Dinner out after bowling, then a little television and sleep for the kids.

Did I mention that we also finished Alex's school project about howler monkeys (including making a cd of sound files found on the internet of the noises they make that give them that name)? And that Craig helped me make twelve fairy wreaths for the concert? And grocery shopping and a trip to the most horrible place on earth? And that I went shopping BY MYSELF for the supplies for the fairy wreaths and school project?

Honestly, sometimes I come to work because I get a little rest.

So, instead of a real blog entry, I'm sharing my list for this week:

Me - dress rehearsal for Gilbert & Sullivan, 6:15-11 p.m.
Alex - guitar class

Me - dress rehearsal for Gilbert & Sullivan, 6:15-11 p.m.
Alex - guitar

I think we actually have a night off here

Me - tentative rehearsal, but not on stage because the stage is otherwise occupied
Susie - piano lesson until 5:15
Alex and Susie - school music program at 5:30. I have a feeling we're taking two cars to this one because I'll probably have to run to rehearsal.
Do you get the feeling we're a little bit triple-booked here?

Me - concert, then dinner afterward
Alex and Susie - invited to spend the night with friends

The unofficial celebration of my birthday - family bike ride to our favorite place, and maybe this place too. And a neighborhood grill out thing. And I'm pretty sure there's something else. I hope it's written down. Oh yeah, Susie is going to a birthday party. Across town. So I guess we'll find something to do while she's watching Spiderman 3.

My birthday. Mother's Day. Oh, and just in case that's not enough....I'm also leading worship and delivering a sermon at church, THEN singing the concert at 3 p.m. Because me? I love to be busy. Eating? Yeah. I'll get right on that.

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Pam said...

My goodness - you are busier than I am!!

I know what you mean about going to work in order to relax! LOL!