Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wherein I tiptoe around a difficult subject

There's a local media frenzy these days about a doctor. I know the family, not terribly well, and I'm just plain sad about it all. I wish the media would stop drooling and frothing at the mouth. This guy has a wife and three wonderful children who don't deserve all this.

I'm going to dance around the subject, but let's just say that I've been on the phone a lot because of this situation. And most of my phone time is during dinner preparation. And last night, Susie was helping with dinner. (Aside: that girl is getting to be very helpful in the kitchen....if any of you readers have 9-year-old girls that aren't helping in the kitchen, you're missing out! Seriously. Chica can cook!)

Which means my daughter got an earful last night, and then I sort of explained the situation (and my very minimal, non-media-worthy involvement) in age-appropriate terms. We talked about how these kinds of things effect kids and families and other people, and we talked about the local news and how they behave (or not).

As our soup was simmering, we headed to the living room, snuggled in a chair, and watched the news. (She's an interesting kid....during the last presidential primaries, she insisted on watching the Democrat candidate age 6!) We talked about the stories, sometimes pausing the tv (hooray for TIVO!) to discuss a little before watching the next story.

And then the teaser for the local news comes on, and guess what??? This guy is the first story. So we watch while the reporter goes to where he works, then goes to his house (golly gee, nobody's home...imagine that!). And the reporter is foaming at the mouth. And when the story is over, Susie sums it up perfectly: "What a mess."

Yes. It's a mess.

So if you're reading this and you pray, please say a prayer for this family.


Ms. Theologian said...

It seems like there's a great deal of bias in how that article is written too:

1: Many people who worked with him say he was a fantastic and gifted orthopedic surgeon.

2: But now, if convicted, he faces more than 20 years in prison.

3: Only one of the three nurses making allegation against Dr. Sokoloff is still working at the surgery center.

So, we learn that 1: he's incredibly gifted (and hence a good person?), but 2: might go to jail (as written it seems like this is an injustice), and 3: the women who were allegedly raped might not want to continue to work in an environment where they were raped (shocking), but it's almost written as if they're unreliable employees.

I agree with Susie.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a mess.
And why did the women not make any earlier accusations?