Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Green Power

If you don't live in Memphis, this post doesn't pertain to you, but feel free to read anyway.

Yesterday, my friend and fellow blogger Paul challenged the Memphis blogging community (and, one would presume, the Memphis blog reading community) to push Memphis Light Gas & Water's "Green Power Switch." One "block" of green power results in an additional $4 per month on your utility bill. Small price to pay, if you ask me.

From MLGW's site, signing up for the Green Power Switch means:

The best way to describe the impact of green power is to focus on reduced emissions. For example, buying two blocks of green power (at $8.00 per month) for one year provides the same environmental benefit as:

  • Recycling 15,322 aluminum cans, or
  • Planting an acre of trees, or
  • Recycling 1,766 pounds of newspaper, or
  • Not driving your car for four months
I confess that it's been on my "I've been meaning to do that" list for, um, a year or so. And I even went to the site once to sign up but didn't have a bill handy so I didn't have my account number and blah blah blah lame excuse blah.

But I signed up yesterday. And I see that Stacey has, too. Let's keep it up, kids!

Approximately 7,200 residential customers and more than 330 business customers throughout the Tennessee Valley purchase green power. Customer participation levels have earned TVA’s Green Power Switch program a top-10 ranking, from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the third year in a row.

Make that 7,203 residential customers. And counting.

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kalisah said...

I'm all for green power, but somehow I just don't trust MLGW enough to give them "extra" money right now. I just get the weird feeling that some crooked city employee is pocketing the money, ya know?