Friday, May 18, 2007

MP3 update

452 songs loaded.

How did I live without this thing?

I've had a very short commute to work for the past two years. It's been a 1500 step walk from door to door. (Which means even walking to and from work, and walking the dogs three times a day, I still didn't get to the 10,000 step-per-day goal).

But that all changed last week. Because of road construction, all my cut-throughs are blocked, for at least another two months. Which means that, despite the fact that as the crow flies, my house and my office are a straight line apart, I must walk an extra four blocks west or two blocks east, then back around, to get to work. Though the eastern route is shorter, it's also more dangerous, as it's a very busy street, and it has those right-turn lanes so traffic doesn't necessarily stop. The western route is a little more fun, since I'm traveling into "real" downtown for part of the time.

And that's why I love my MP3 player like a boyfriend. I summoned the courage to create a playlist or three, and some songs from my youth, as well as from other people's youth, accompanied me on my journey. And made me walk faster.

It's helping, too. My favorite pants were tight in the waist a few months ago. And now they fit.

Now I need a pedometer to see how many steps I'm really taking. Because I can't count my footsteps if I'm singing along with David Byrne.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's ona few of my playlists too. Also sung by him: "Miss America." Great Latino beat, and I love the line "Sometimes I think of her/ when she is fucking you."