Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dress rehearsals

The last two evenings, I came home from work for a few minutes, only to jump in the car and drive to dress rehearsal, stay there a really long time, then return home, only to wash off my makeup and get in bed. I'm tired and I miss hanging out with the kids.

Tonight is my break. We have another rehearsal tomorrow, then performances Friday and Sunday. As I already disclosed, Saturday is a busy day. So tonight, I'm wearing pajamas and watching a mind-destroying quantity of television. I might cook dinner, too. Because I'm a giver.

So, if you live in the Memphis area, this it my moment to encourage you to attend one of the concerts this weekend. Why?

I could sell you on our fantastic soloists. I could sell you on the whole "Gilbert and Sullivan = funny, funny stuff" idea. I could sell you on the "please support local arts groups" message.

But that's not my tactic. Oh no.

You should come to this concert because it's your chance, and very likely your ONLY chance, to see me in a hot pink tutu.


uuMomma said...

Thanks for the giggle. Wish I were close enough to see!

alan said...

pics pleaze

kalisah said...

where's the show?