Thursday, May 31, 2007


As promised. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Lizard Eater said...

As a kid who wasn't given a car, attended state university, and was told that I needed to pay for part of it myself ... (From age 12 on, any pay I received -- babysitting through real jobs -- I was expected to put 1/2 away for college. Good habit.)

If I suddenly become a billionaire, I'm probably going to raise my kids the same way. I was around so many kids who were given everything ... well, they were the ones who dropped out, or messed around during college. I became a resident assistant (looks great on a resume when you leave school), and graduated in four years, no summer school. (Not that it's a big thing ... but it seems like I wasn't the norm.)

One of the best moments of my life: end of sophomore year, my parents are driving me home for the summer. My dad is fussing that my grades aren't high enough and says if I don't raise them, he's pulling me out of school. My mom and I look at each other and begin laughing. "Um, how are you going to do that, Dad? I'm an RA next year, so room and board are taken care of, and I've already been paying for all my tuition, books and incidentals."

Damn, independence felt great!

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Noodle said...

They look fantastic! (And they look more like you and your husband all the time!)

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