Monday, September 24, 2007

I Rock!

Or at least that's what my IRL friend says. Which is why I am the lucky recipient of this award.

The rules suggest that I am meant to pass on the love to other bloggers. Easy enough, right?

So I'm going to share some love with some local bloggers today.

At Home She Feels Like A Tourist is a great blog, written by a new resident of Memphis. Her viewpoint is so different from most people I know, because she's new here. Good stuff.

In a similar vein, A Field Guide to Urban Memphis provides good, thinky stuff for the locals.

Stacey writes two blogs...wonder if I can count that for two awards? She rocks in real life too, as she's a genuine Roller Derby girl.

Liz rocks. We met in person in Chicago but have been online drinking buddies for a while.

And my friend Melissa rocks, but she's a little worried right now. If you've got any wisdom for her upcoming situation, please send it her way.

See? Memphis rocks! And that's just the girls. And not even all of them.


fieldguidetomemphis said...

thanks, sister! your family and friend stories are so touching and funny and remind me of a place i once lived that we called "the family commune and flop house" because it was so open to people and ideas. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE another working mom cooks.

fearlessvk said...

hey, thanks so much for the nice words!!

Anonymous said...

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